Whiskey & Rye Events

  • May 23
  • 5:00pm

Texas Tuesday – Maurice Davis

Swing by Whiskey & Rye for Texas Tuesdays every Tuesday. Enjoy live music and boot shinings by M.L. Leddy’s.

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Live music: 5/23 by Maurice Davis
M.L. Leddy’s boot shinings

Maurice Davis Band

Maurice Davis Band was formed after Maurice was discovered by a record label in Hoboken, NJ. Working with some of the biggest names in the industry, Maurice was groomed to maximize his natural gift of writing songs that touched people’s lives. Maurice says, “I learned to write as an early teen in a way that allowed me to vent every emotion I was going through. It was more appealing to me than the assumed alternative methods. I just didn’t plan on anyone else ever hearing those songs until I started realizing that I was singing words that they could relate to.”

For their sold out CD release show at the Hard Rock Cafe in Dallas, Texas, MDB released Are We Permanent and garnered much noteriety from the songs, “Ladies of Love” and “Nobody’s Fool.” After extensive touring and local shows, Maurice returned to the studio to record what is now the new CD entitled, Clashes & Collapses.

“Clashes & Collapses started out as an absolute nightmare for me,” Maurice states. “I had over 20 songs but only about 8 of them were meeting the standard that I have set for myself. I wanted this CD to be even better than Are We Permanent and for some reason I was at a stand still with variety. Then about 4 weeks before we were set to finish up I cut 3 demos for the guys to hear and we all agreed that those were the final pieces. It was like a flood gate of creativity opened up.”

So with the help of his band mates Justin Troster, Jim Okean and guitar players Mychael Allen and Ryan Vanderburg, Clashes & Collapses is on the fast track to completion. The first single to be released off the album is called “Unequivocal” and it was mixed by Grammy Award-winning producer/mixer/engineer, James Frazee in Brooklyn, NY.


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May 27th

  • May 27
  • 9:00pm

Jimmy Barcus

We have live music every Friday & Saturday evening at 9pm. Join us each weekend for happy hour, specials and live music - no cover, fabulous food, and talented local musicians.